FVLMINATA: Armed with Lightning, 2nd Ed. 
    by Jason E. Roberts and Michael S. Miller
The core sourcebook for FVLMINATA, featuring detailed chapters on pBBiersona creation, game mechanics and magic.   Additional chapters describe the setting for the world of FVLMINATA including the history, culture and geography of the Imperium.
    THR1001    $30

TALI: Knucklebones
Set of 8 dice for FVLMINATA
    THR1100    $5

Insulae Britannicae: The British Isles
    by Jason E. Roberts and Conall Kavanagh
A FVLMINATA sourcebook for the provinces of Britannia (England), Caledonia (Scotland) and Hibernia (Ireland).   Contains background material for adventuring in these bleak northern provinces that harbor the last remnants of the fierce Celtic tribes.

    THR1002    $25